No Nasties Please!

We all love our dogs. 

Its undeniably true, as much as we say 'Busters not sleeping in our bed ever!' or "no jumping on the couch Buster!', we all love a good cuddle and we let them bend the rules from time to time. 

So why would you want to see your best friend suffering? You wouldn't would you? So why feed them food and treats filled with chemicals and artificial preservatives? 

When I brought home my first born (Marley - Toy Cavoodle), I spent a lot of time looking at the ingredients lists on supermarket and pet store food and treats and I soon came to realise that almost all of them have ingredients listed that I A) couldn't pronounce or B) had no idea what they could be, and let me tell you, most of them came under both A and B. 

I knew it wasn't right to be feeding my best friend these types of foods and treats that were full of nasty ingredients and upon research, I found some horrible side affects such as allergies, rashes, deficiencies of essential vitamins and a whole range of other potentially fatal side effects. 

Firstly, lets start with why preservatives are used. As the name states, they 'preserve' foods and make them last as long as possible on the shelf, in the fridge or when opened. Years and years ago - before my time - salt was used as a preservative for ham. The ham was covered in that much salt, we would have a heart attack looking at it. The salt drew out any excess moisture, which as we all know, leads to the spoiling of food products.  

These days, things such as sorbic acid, hydroxybenzoate, sulfur dioxide and nitrate are used to prevent microbial growth and deterioration of food products, including pet food and treats. 

I dont know about you, but these all sound rather chemical and very unhealthy for both humans and our four legged friends! I myself am definitely not going to a restaurant and ordering my favourite meal with a side of chemical preservatives and artificial flavours, so why are we so quick to serve them up to our pets for dinner and reward them with them as treats?! 

In my next blog post, I will be diving deeper into the world of chemicals and how they effect our beloved pets. This issue is something I am extremely passionate about and what has driven me to create Watsons Barkery. I cant wait to share more of my knowledge with everyone, so we can all make better choices for our pets


Thanks for reading

Courtney - Watsons Barkery