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Pilchards are the perfect fishy treats for small to medium dogs!

Pilchards are low in fat and high in protein and omega 3 and 6, giving your pup the essential nutrients for a healthy, shiny coat, lower levels of inflammation and helping to manage weight due to the low fat content. 

Our Pilchards are made from dried Australian, sustainably sourced fish, which is dried using our special technique, locking in flavour and nutrients for a great tasting, healthy pet treat!

Our Pilchards are not oily and hold their shape well, however can easily be broken into a smaller treat or crumbled over meals to boost the nutritional content. 

Pilchards are a small, light fish about 10-13cm on average and quite thin. Our Pilchards are available in 100g packs and contain approximatley 12-14 fish. 

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